Personal Consumption

After spending an entire week tracking my own personal consumption. A pattern began to emerge from the data that I was collecting.

My personal taxonomy was revealing that I value a balance between work and life so that became the story that I chose to visualize.

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Next Project

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Begin Recording Daily Consumption:

Everything that I consumed from gasoline, toothpaste, food, basically anything that I could tally. I used 15 minute intervals to track everything.

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Sort Data:

After counting and sorting the data, I added the data to an Excel spreadsheet so I could begin to design the information architecture.

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Visualize Data:

Finding patterns in data and sketching various ways to expressing the information.

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David Corneail's Personal Consumption Image

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Final Outcome:

My data story is generalized into two larger data buckets such as "work" and "life" with several sub categories within those.

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Lessons Learned:

How to parse large amounts of data and practicing making tables in Excel.