Making Baby Friendly Green Smoothies

This 2 minute video is a "How to" video for a target demographic of new parents and an audience that is mostly female.

This project allowed me to exercise and practice filming, on-location shooting, voice over, and talent direction.

  data design 

Storytelling; Process; Animation; After Effects; Location Shooting; Styleframes; Motion Design;

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This process started with a script and a storyboard to understand the steps required and to keep the video under 2 minutes.

David Corneail Green Smoothie

Sound Design and Style Frames:

After figuring out my storyboard sequence and shooting location, it was time to record and begin building actual style frames.

David Corneail Green Smoothie

David Corneail Green Smoothie

Final Outcome:

The final process was tricky because I was actually the model and director of production. A couple things I learned through the process was how difficult it was to do both and also shooting on location outdoors is very tricky especially when working with a baby. This resulted as a very personal project for me as it featured my first child as the talent.

David Corneail Green Smoothie